My husband killed himself with a gun. We all know the Titanic sank. This is the story.

L’ho già detto cento volte, ma a ogni intervista ne fornisce nuove prove: Courtney Love è la più formidabile produttrice di one liner che ci sia in circolazione.
E di storie con morale inclusa, anche.

“My first boyfriend’s mother was in wardrobe and I was her assistant. The first film I worked on was Mommie Dearest. I used to measure people nipple to nipple. The first line I heard from Miss Dunaway was: ‘Who is that fat girl in my eyeline?’ I was terrified. Funnily enough, when I became a movie star for five seconds [in The People vs Larry Flynt, for which she won critical acclaim], Sharon Stone called me and said, ‘Welcome to the industry. When I got here, Miss Dunaway welcomed me.’ And I was like, ‘Miss Dunaway has welcomed me already.’”

è una di quelle cose che ti fanno l’articolo da sole, al termine delle quali spegni il registratore e ringrazi profusamente.

(E poi voglio subito una maglietta con It was not a love affair. There was a lot of pain to it. It was humiliating.)

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