Comunque vada domani, Giustino non è neppure candidato. Comunque vada, sarà un’ingiustizia

I had to cast Sean Parker. I had to cast somebody who could walk into a restaurant and look like… it’s not that he owns the place: it’s that he thought of the place, he financed the place, and he sold it before the opening weekend – which was a raging success. It’s gotta be that. It’s not a guy who… He’s not gonna walk into a restaurant like he… He has to be beyond slick. And… and this is a really hard thing. We looked at a lot of different actors, and all of them very very talented people, to play Sean, and I just felt I needed some… I needed somebody who understood what it is that if you park the right two people at the right table at a cocktail party or at a dinner, thay money is going to flow from that, and that that money will flow to you. He needed to have that Hollywoodproducer/studioexecutive/musicproducer/agent kind of understanding. And it’s one thing to articulate that to an actor and have them play it, and it’s another thing to have a guy who’s a music producer and who knows what that is and it’s effortless. And his effortlessness was the thing that, you know, I finally was «We’re hiring him» (David Fincher, nel commentary qui)

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