King of the world — master of the universe — do I have to say his name?

Sometimes it was a simple recitation of facts and sobriquets (“best-selling author!” or “Socrates of the Saxophone!”), other times Bruce would take a leaf out of the Stax-Volt treasury and get the audience to spell his name a la Otis: “‘C’ is for cool, which only a foolish man would dispute! ‘L’ is for lean and mean! ‘A’ is ‘cause he’s the ace of the saxophone!….”
Bruce and Clarence were Scooter and the Big Man, they were black and white, they were big and small. It was still a bold move in the early ’70s, especially in some parts of the country, to have an African-American in your band, much less one you danced with, rubbed butts with and engaged in a long soulful kiss with; the country was only a few years out of the Civil Rights movement and there are stories of gigs the band didn’t get and hotels they were told they weren’t welcome in.

Questo necrologio è bellissimo. Fatevi un regalo: leggetelo anche se non avete mai ascoltato una loro canzone, visto un loro concerto, appeso un loro poster. E non solo perché, in questo caso, non c’è regalo che basti a compensare quel che vi siete persi.

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  1. by donna del lago on giugno 19th, 2011 at 16:51

    eh, guia, l’ho letto subito stamattina, dopo il comunicato sul sito ufficiale.
    e non è stato dimenticato nulla: “something was walking towards us, like there was no wind, no rain, and when our hands met, it was like…
    Sparks fly on e-streeet where the boy prophets walk it handsome and high”.
    continuo a sentirla, insieme a tenth avenue freeze-out.
    rock on.

  2. by laprofe on giugno 20th, 2011 at 0:04

    jump a little higher
    Senorita, come
    sit by my fire
    I just want to be your
    lover, ain’t no liar
    Rosie, you’re
    my stone desire

    Il poster no, ma le canzoni e i concerti sì sì sì

  3. by Giorgia on giugno 24th, 2011 at 17:02

    Heylà, chi si rivede….
    Ciao, ho scoperto oggi il tuo blog….
    come va?