I’m a geriatric starlet

Ragioni assortite per amare Iris Apfel:

  • I don’t want to find out if it’s really a Velázquez because then I’ll just be nervous about it.
  • It seems that the fatter and uglier people are, the fewer clothes they wear.
  • If I see something that I like and the price is good and the fabric is beautiful I say, “Oh, well, if it doesn’t fit I can make pillows out of it.”
  • I was a copy girl and I made the magnificent sum of $15 a week. Eventually I worked out that I would never get anywhere there. All the women who worked there were middle-aged and I said to myself, “They’re too old to have babies and go on maternity leave and too young to die, so you’d better get your butt out of here.”
  • First of all he ordered my dinner. I have so many decisions to make all day long that I really don’t want to decide what I have to eat, too.
ma soprattutto:
  • It’s a free country – if you want to look like a freak, that’s your problem.

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  1. by donna del lago on ottobre 25th, 2011 at 17:11

    sai nella foto sembra diana vreeland con un tocco navajo.