Something really interesting and sort of scary has started to happen with movies and with the theatre, and it is this. Figure Aristotele’s dead, that’s all over, ok, I don’t mind, I’ll go without him – but there’s deep confusion, especially with movies, between what the movie is about and the likability, or dislikability, of the characters. People now largely, especially the people who write about movies, judge the movie by whether they like the people! If a guy at the studio – and such things have happened to all of us – if a guy at the studio says «Listen, does Lady Macbeth really have to be so unpleasant and so ambitious? Can’t she be more of a role model for young women?» – no, no she can’t, because character is plot. And if somebody is ambitious, it makes a story: remember we’re here to tell a story?


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  1. by azzurra on dicembre 27th, 2014 at 21:34

    evviva! sei tornata! almeno qui. a me mancavi anche tu.